Earth Day

I planted a tree
When it was just a stick,
The label promised a redbud tree
And I anticipated the soft pink buds
Prepared for full wispy wandering leaves of summer
The flashy red of fall.

It barely grew.
A dead stick mostly
Too many years I still hoped for
Something better.
I almost ripped out the spindly thing by the roots.

But just now
After the longest
Harsh winter of stark truths
And dream deaths and unmet expectations and bitter

It bloomed.
Just a little.

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Blink. Repeat.

I might have seen a shark fin

Disappear beneath the water.

I can’t be certain.


The lunacy of a thousand details washes over you.

The deceptive lure of luxurious productivity

Grasp at the ropes of what you expect might be your net.

Seeking contagious courage

Vacuuming the wreckage

Arranging the furniture to cover hairline cracks

In the foundation.


Pursue the narrative

The roles are predetermined in the regular ordinary

Life-ness of life.

A shark fin disappeared under the water.



Fracking Spaces

Our lives are full of
irreversible things
Words that cannot be unspoken
In a life full of little deaths
As the ones we loved slip off the raft
Sometimes unseen
Often in full view
As we reach back over small cavernous space
To lay a hand on a cheek
A chest, an arm
Or eyes on eyes


In the trees around my house

Now lives a hawk with wide wings.

There were six squirrels I have not seen for days.

I watched them since the little ones leaped out of the nest

To dig up my lilies of the valley and scratch across my roof

Too early in the morning.

I see the hawk every evening. I haven’t seen the squirrels for days.

I know these two things are related.


But this morning

I spotted two squirrels through the veil of leaves

Out of place and welcome

Like a cardinal in winter.Image


The Key to Happiness

old pictures 133
As we all know
The key to happiness
Lies within the truth
Of long ago promises
Kept and broken but
Mostly kept.

The people who have known you the longest
Do not always know you the best.
But no one else was there
That evening when the world was new
And whoopperwills whispered
In the hot wet twilight of fireflies
Grass on bare feet
Water from the hose

The key to happiness.

Be kind to your sister.